Nourish Makers Series: Sri Lankan Pineapple

Nourish Makers Series: Sri Lankan Pineapple

The first time I tasted this variety of Sri Lankan pineapple, I knew we discovered something special. It was juicier and sweeter than typical dried pineapple, and tasted way better than any other unsweetened or sugar-coated variety we sampled – and we sampled a lot!

The husband and wife owners, Prashan and Kenna, explain that this Mauritius variety of pineapple is harvested when semi-ripe which keeps the fructose (fruit sugar) percentage on the lower side. They also use hot air dehydration to preserve the pineapple and maximize retention of color, flavor, and nutrients.
Nourish Makers Series: Sri Lankan Pineapple

Kenna and Prashan take great pride in their crops and go above and beyond to empower the farmers they buy from with unique skills, like how to make organic compost on their own land. Kenna also says, “We give them a promise to buy. This lets them know that the fruit they produce will be purchased at a fair market price, so they don’t have to go to auction where they would get far less.”

They are also employing farmers and their families in the factory they own, and they give back to the community by supplying books and supplies for the local school. As parents of twins, it’s no surprise they see the need to focus on the children. “We are not part of an organization that wants to announce or brag about what we are doing, we just want to do it.”

You guys rule. And PS, your pineapple is the world’s best.

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