Joy Bauer’s Healthy Halloween Tips

Joy Bauer's Healthy Halloween Tips

Vampires, witches, and ghosts aren’t the only scary things about Halloween. All that candy… now that’s frightening! Our founder, Joy Bauer, is sharing her top tips for a healthier Halloween.

1. Shop wisely, and procrastinate. Put off candy shopping until the last minute so you don’t have sweet treats lying around the house for days before the holiday. When you do shop, buy candy varieties that you don’t like so you’re less tempted.

2. Try healthier treats! This year, I’ll be handing out goodies like Monkey Love and Berry’d Treasure. I think the kids will be happy and I know the parents will.

3. Serve a pre-trick-or-treat meal. Fuel your kids and their friends with a protein- and fiber-packed dish before they head out. They’ll be full and energized for the exciting night ahead.

4. Give back! Halloween can be tougher for parents than for their children. Kids typically OD on sugar that day and then forget about their stash. Parents… not so much. Bring leftover candy to your office, book club, or events in the week following Halloween andpoof!watch it disappear.

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