A Heart Healthy Fruit

A Heart Healthy Fruit

An apple—or two—a day might actually keep the doctor away! Apples contain plant compounds that may have some serious health benefits, including fibers that block cholesterol absorption, and antioxidants that prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals. Who knew?

Here are five delicious ways to help you get your fill of this heart-smart super fruit.

1. Start the day with an apple-n-oat cobbler

This warm and cozy breakfast combines two heart-smart ingredients: whole grain oats and apples. Flavor it up with cinnamon and just the right amount of brown sugar, and you’ve got a homey, satisfying bowl of morning goodness.

2. Have a Cinn-sational day

Chewy Fuji apples and cinnamon-sugar-coated almonds pair perfectly in this blend. The result: a snack that’s sweet, savory, and truly cinn-sational.

3. Mix it up in a seasonal salad

Add chopped apples to your salads for a surprising crisp and sweet flavor. This version uses apples in 3 ways!

4. Warm your bones with squashed apple soup

Apples take a savory turn in this comforting recipe for “Squashed” Apple Soup. It’s perfect for a chilly fall day!

5. Get your greens! Bake easy apple kale muffins

They might sound “over-the-top healthy” but these muffins are deliciously satisfying without being too sweet.

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