Joy Bauer’s Holiday Party Survival Guide

Joy Bauer's Holiday Party Survival Guide

The holidays are officially here—and that probably means a busy social calendar filled with holiday family dinners and New Years Eve soirées with friends.

Our founder, Joy Bauer, has three tips that will keep you slim and energized throughout the season.

1. Power up your morning.
Want to avoid overeating at evening parties? Get a head start in the a.m. with a satisfying morning meal—especially one that includes protein. In a hurry? Grab a low-fat yogurt and a piece of fruit or top your yogurt with a bag of Coco’nilla Crunch.


Joy Bauer's Holiday Party Survival Guide

2. Snack strategically.
Have a light snack (no more than 200 calories) about an hour before you arrive at holiday events. This will help take the edge off hunger, so you don’t dive into the first edible item you lay eyes on (Helloooo, cheesy hors d’oeuvres and chocolate-fondue fountain!). Smart options include apple slices with a level tablespoon of nut butter, two rice cakes topped with sliced turkey, or a bag of your favorite Nourish Snacks flavor!

Joy Bauer's Holiday Party Survival Guide

3. Think before you clink.
Alcohol is a double whammy: It’s loaded with calories and it lowers your inhibitions, which often means you’ll end up eating way more than you planned. Seasonal drinks like spiked eggnog, buttered rum and peppermint (schnapps) hot chocolate are laden with calories, sugar, and fat. Instead, stick with wine or champagne (one medium goblet), wine spritzers (a glass or two, max), or a vodka and club soda with a splash of your favorite fruit juice. Or try Joy’s low-calorie pomegranate sparkler.

Joy Bauer's Holiday Party Survival Guide

Happy holidays!

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