Link Happy: Global Breakfasts

Link Happy: Global Breakfasts

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We spend a lot of time on the internet… Here are a few things that the Nourish Snacks team found interesting this week!

1. Protein: Are we going too far? Protein does a body good. It’s beneficial for a wide variety of functions, including muscle growth, hormone production, immunity and increased satiety (in other words, it makes you feel fuller longer). Choose a variety of lean and plant-based options, and spread out protein intake throughout the day. (

2. 10 tips for working from home. Whether you spend your days at a home office or in a more traditional setting, these 10 tips will help with work-week productivity! (

3. Support the men in your life! Filled with a little bit of spice, some savory goodness, and a whole lot of crunch, Nourish Snacks will fuel some manly mojo. PLUS 15% of proceeds will be donated to our Movember efforts, supporting men’s health. Learn more here.

4. What kids around the world eat for breakfast. Children all over the world eat cornflakes and drink chocolate milk, but in many places they also eat things that would strike the average American palate as strange, or worse. The photos in this article tell an incredible story.  (

5. Craving egg nog this holiday season? Try this dairy-free recipe made with real ingredients. (

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