Link Happy: Beat the Winter Blues

Link Happy: Beat the Winter Blues

After the holiday season, winter can start to get old really quickly. Many of us suffer from the “winter blues” or sometimes a more serious Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). We are making it a point to stay positive and cheery until springtime, tulips, and sunshine start heading our way.

Here are 5 resourses that give great tips for getting yourself out of that winter rut.

1. 8 ways to beat the winter blues including surprising tips like light therapy and indulging yourself with chocolate. (

2. Focus on positive goals. Try this 30-day minimalist challenge. (

3. Find out what foods help combat seasonal depression,  from popcorn to salmon (

4. Treat yourself to a personal day. Play hookie and take care of your mind and body. (

5. 7 ways to maintain balance this winter.  (

What are your tips for beating the winter blues?

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