Link Happy: Dry January

Link Happy: Dry January

Cutting down on food and drink are right at the top of most people’s New Year’s Resolution lists. But something else has been trending over the last few years—Dry January.

You’ve heard the name, but what does it entail? A commitment to an booze-free January. That’s it! We did some digging and found 5 resources to teach you more about and support you during Dry January.

Still want to jump on board? It’s not too late. Start now and go for a full month. Make it your own!

1. It’s science! The benefits of giving up booze for a month. (

2. A fancy-shmancy mocktail recipe. Make a bright & bitter this weekend. (

3. Who is crazy enough to jump on this trend? The 8 kinds of people who do dry January. (

4. What to drink this month. 11 delicious booze-free beverages. (

5. Make it official! You can sign up and get support for your Dry January efforts. (

Have you ever participated in Dry January? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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