Nourish Staff’s Healthy Habits


Nourish Staff's Healthy Habits

This January, the Nourish Snacks office is all about creating new healthy habits.  The staff did so well that we wanted to highlight some of our wins. Chanelle more than quadrupled her daily water intake, Julia quit drinking coffee, and Olivia stepped it up and got moving! Read more about how and why they did it, and the changes they’re feeling as a result.

Chanelle drinks more water

Nourish Staff's Healthy Habits

It all started with a conversation about wanting to create healthier habits and [Nourish Snacks founder] Joy Bauer suggested that I create and master one healthy habit at a time. She instructed me to spend an entire week creating that habit by focusing on it and making sure that I consumed nearly one gallon of water per day.

To reinforce my efforts, I put a Post-It on my computer and use tally marks to remember how many 24 ounce cups of water I’ve had each day. I’m going to do this until it becomes second nature. Currently, I’ve added more than 100 ounces of water to my daily diet. I used to only consume a small Poland Spring bottle of water (16.9 oz) per day but now I use a bottle that holds 24 ounces to inspire me to drink more.  Now, my daily goal is to have five 24-ounce bottles each day. That is 120 oz!

Initially I had to go to the bathroom more, but as my body adjusted to the new amount of fluids, the bathroom trips slowed down and instead I noticed a clearness to my skin and a lot less random food cravings throughout the day.

Julia quits coffee

I quit drinking coffee! No easy feat…

Nourish Staff's Healthy Habits

I hated the feeling of being addicted to something. In the morning I would be so excited to get up just to drink that cup of coffee. When I drank it, however, it made me feel jittery and not great. I’d crash later in the day, and it was just a big mess.

Quitting coffee is no joke. I knew I had an addiction but I didn’t realize that I would go through actual withdrawal. There was a period of 2 days when I had such a splitting headache that I was sure something was wrong, and I was super cranky with my husband. That’s when I realized that going cold-turkey wasn’t an option. I ended up cutting down by 1/4 cup per day and that worked well. Now I drink an Earl Grey tea with coconut milk as my daily “treat”. It still makes my habit feel special and it’s delicious.

I don’t feel as anxious and jittery and I definitely save a lot of money. Buying a coffee as a “treat” was always something that I looked forward to even though I could just make it at home. At $3-$4/day, that adds up!

Olivia steps up her exercise

My goal was to walk 10,000 steps a day. I got a Fitbit as a gift and it inspired me to walk more and get more exercise.

Nourish Staff's Healthy Habits

After the overwhelming holiday season of overeating and feeling extra tired and lazy, I was fed up. I just started at Nourish Snacks and I was finding it harder to make time to work-out during the week. I wanted a more convenient way to get exercise without waking up extra early or working out late at night.

With my Fitbit, when I reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps, my bracelet vibrates. I thought walking 10,000 steps a day would be easy. Boy was I wrong. My first day, I barely made it to 5,000 steps. I felt like I was in competition with myself. If I didn’t reach 10,00 steps, the bracelet beat me and I wanted to beat it! Competition keeps me going.

I feel more inspired and determined to get exercise every single day. I always choose the longer path to walk or I take the stairs instead of the elevator. I definitely feel like I am moving more throughout the day. Also, my Fitbit tracks my calorie and water intake, my sleep, and how far I walk (in distance). It has inspired me to eat cleaner again. Hopefully I will soon up my goal to 15,000 steps a day. But one step at a time.

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