How Portion Control Changes Everything

How Portion Control Changes Everything


It’s easy to mindlessly eat a whole bag of chips or popcorn, so at Nourish Snacks we’ve made it a priority to create perfectly-portioned snacks to fuel hungry consumers who want great taste without sacrificing health.

But it’s not just about the snacks. It’s about the people who eat them and thrive off of them. So here is a real story from a real man who made a real change in his life.

We caught up with the master of portion-control himself, Gregg McBride, to hear how this concept (and the guidance of Nourish Snacks founder, Joy Bauer) helped him lose over 250 pounds!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I’m an author, screenwriter, blogger and supermodel living in Los Angeles. Everything about this is true except the supermodel part. But then again, as someone who once weighed over 450 pounds and stepped on a scale to have it read “ERR” (code for “error” I later found out), I’m of the belief that we’re all supermodels. No matter how much we weigh. No matter what physical or mental challenges we’re facing. No. Matter. What. Life is our runway. And the more often we remember that, the happier — and, quite frankly, sassier — we will all be!

You were a member of Joy’s Fit Club. How did that come to fruition?

Would you believe an email glitch of all things? True story (or #TrueStory as the kids would say!). It was a twist of fate that I will be forever grateful for. As someone who has lost a lot of excess weight and knows the rewards of a healthy (but realistic) lifestyle I’ve always been enamored with Joy.  I consider her to be a rockstar among nutritional guru types. Her message is real. Her values are right on. And her sense of humor and “gets it factor” are both over the top. Add her beauty to the mix and it all kind of pisses me off. But seriously, I’m grateful the internet twisted things so that my story ended up in her in-box and she selected me for the Joy Fit Club. Her messages of hope and that anyone can reach their goals are pure gold.

When you were working with Joy, you lost a significant amount of weight. What were 3 things that you learned in this lifestyle change that can help the rest of us out!

We all know to pay attention to what we eat and how much we eat. And we can easily list exercise as a requirement. But I’m always preaching the virtues of water (it’s truly the nectar of health) along with getting plenty of rest. In order for our bodies (and psyches) to transform, we’ve got to fuel them with the necessary ingredients. Lastly, I always encourage people to love themselves from the get-go. Too often those of us with a dieter’s mentality think we have to hate ourselves until we reach our goal. Fact is, we’re fabulous (and a supermodel — see above) at any weight. The more we believe that, the greater environment we create for lasting and positive change.

Has portion control played a factor in your weight loss? How do you manage portions for meals and snacks? 

Has portion control played a factor in my weight loss? Only 1,000,000,000%. Portion control is EVERYTHING! (All caps means I really mean it.) And this is why I consider Nourish Snacks a gift from the heavens. Even as someone who has maintained my 250+ pound weight loss for over a decade, there are still daily moments that I want to eat the entire contents of my refrigerator I not only keep Nourish Snacks handy in the kitchen, but also in my home office. This way I have no excuse not to snack in a healthy way and with reasonable portions.

You recently wrote a book, Weightless. How exciting! What is the main message of your story?

Simply put, Weightless chronicles my journey from 8 lbs. 6 oz. at birth to over 450 pounds at college graduation and then back down to a healthy weight. My life (like everyone’s life) has been a roller coaster ride full of adventures. Some tragic, some comical (okay, many comical), and all inspirational. Along with the story, I include a lot of the healthy-minded ways, exercises and recipes that finally led me to take off and keep off over 250 pounds of excess weight — while learning to love myself (and others) in the process. In fact, the title Weightless actually has more to do with releasing the mental weight than the physical weight. In my mind, I think that’s key. Too often in dealing with obesity we concentrate on what’s going on in the tummy, when in reality it’s all in the head. Or a good portion of it is anyway. (Portion! Get it?! Full circle!)

Anything else you want to share with the Nourish community?

Only that I love what Joy is doing in her quest to teach us all that real health is possible while enjoying favorite foods along the way. And now she and the Nourish Snacks team have taken it one step further by creating these incredible edibles,  reminding us all that real food can be real(ly) delicious. I love when people walk their talk. I am so inspired. And hungry.

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  1. As someone who has lost 206 pounds and maintained it for the past 2 years after having lived 48 years as an overweight or morbidly obese woman, I appreciate Joy and her snacks as well. I just love all the tips and her recipes are fabulous! I have just discovered the NOURISH snacks and am going to try them all! Portion control and planning ahead and getting up and moving every hour are really key to me as well as following the Weight Watchers plan for life! It is a lifestyle that anyone can follow and anything can be eaten as long as you plan for it and count it!

    Comment by Annemarie Kautz — January 20, 2015 @ 8:18 pm

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