5 Foods That Nourish Your Skin

5 Foods That Nourish Your Skin

You’ve heard the phrase “beautiful skin starts from within” but what does that really mean? We asked our friend, author of Skin Cleanse, and founder of SW Basics, Adina Grigore, for her healthy skin secrets. This is what she told us…

My clients often ask me what my “secret” is for healthy skin. Such a tough question, because here’s the truth: There are no secrets when it comes to your skin. Your skin is perhaps your body’s most honest organ. It’s an unfiltered look at what is going on inside you – with what you’re eating and drinking absolutely factoring into this snapshot.

My secret, then: A healthy, nourished body often goes hand-in-hand with healthy, nourished skin.

As such, here are five Nourishing skin ingredients… enjoy!


5 Foods That Nourish Your Skin

Walnuts are kind of like healthy skin sorcerers; packed into that little shell are essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are arguably THE “secret” ingredient to hydrated, soft, and glowing skin. Walnuts are particularly rich in a certain type of EFAs, Omega-3s, which are also known as “good fats.” These EFAs are vital to the production of healthy skin cells and sebum, the oily substance that your skin produces to keep itself hydrated; without enough, your skin becomes dry and cracked, plus is more sensitive to sunlight and prone to breakouts.



5 Foods That Nourish Your Skin

Blueberries are so easy to snack on that I’m often guilty of being a modern-day Violet Beauregarde (aka the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka). Luckily, my skin won’t turn blue from this habit – quite the opposite, actually – it’s a great skin food. Blueberries are rich in natural antioxidants and can help protect the skin from free radicals, plus they act as vascular constrictors, therefore reducing redness and inflammation. And, like so many skin superfoods, they’re best utilized through ingestion, not topical application.

Found in: Berry’d Treasure


Chia Seeds

5 Foods That Nourish Your Skin

Chia seeds have gotten a lot of buzz recently – and deservedly so. They pack a wellness punch, and are great for your skin, too. Like walnuts, they’re loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, plus are filled with Vitamin E, which helps prevent UV-induced free radical damage to the skin. Added bonus? They contain high concentrations of phosphorus, which is a critical element in protein synthesis and healthy cell growth. I like to add a scoop of these seeds to my morning smoothie.

Found in: Coco’nilla Crunch



5 Foods That Nourish Your Skin

Similar to blueberries, cherries are your skin’s BFFs, thanks to the fact that they’re filled with powerful antioxidants like anthocyanins and cyanidin. They’ve also been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties and cherries contain natural melatonin (the “sleep” antioxidant), which helps alleviate excess inflammation and oxidative stress. My advice? Skip the bedtime cookie, nosh on some cherries, get some sleep, and have your skin thank me later!



5 Foods That Nourish Your Skin

Truly a superfood, coconuts are proof that we’re all meant to have great skin. In particular, coconut oil is insanely effective treatment for a variety of skin ailments when applied topically. It’s super moisturizing, both antibacterial and antifungal, and loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants. On this point, ingesting coconut oil is a great way to consume these healthy fats; I enjoy baking with it, adding a bit to my coffee, or using it as a frying oil alternative.

Found in: Coco’nilla Crunch

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