6 things to do this spring

6 things to do this spring

This winter has been long and brutal. Take advantage of the rising temperatures by enjoying some spring activities.

1. Plan a picnic. Spread out a blanket, bring your friends, pump some jams, and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun. Check out these 37 tips to have a great picnic.

2. Spring-clean your closet. Organize your clothing in 3 easy steps: First, pull everything out of your closet/dresser. Second, put clothes into 2 piles, one for keeping and one for giving away. Give away anything that you don’t love or you won’t wear. Then, place giveaway clothes into bags and put aside to donate later. Finally, put the “keep” pile back in your closet or dresser in an organized manner. Color-coding is encouraged!

3. Take a last-minute road trip. On a Friday afternoon, pack up the car and head somewhere fun with someone you love for the weekend. Visit a place you’ve never been before. Don’t forget to pack your healthy travel snacks.

4. Read a book! Spend an afternoon in the sunshine with no screens and no distractions. Just you and the pages of a good novel. You can start with this list.

5. Volunteer. As a general trend, people spend more time volunteering their time during the holidays.  Donate your time by spending a beautiful spring day making the world a better place. Not sure where to start? Volunteer Match will help you find local spots to serve.

6. Dance in the rain. April showers can be a downer. Be spontaneous and let yourself loose!

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