5 tips to beat a hangover

5 tips to beat a hangover

We’ve all been there. Daylight breaks and the regret of sipping one cocktail too many the night before hits you head on (literally) in the form of a throbbing headache. And your churning stomach has you realizing why it’s called a hangover… Don’t fret. A few good decisions can have you feeling human again in no time.

Tip 1: Hydrate, STAT

Alcohol breaks down into the toxin acetaldehyde. Flushing it out requires extra fluids from your body, leaving you parched, dehydrated and, well, hungover. Water is best, but if you can’t stomach it, choose your bev of choice provided it’s alcohol free. As great as that brunch drink deal may seem, “hair of the dog” will leave you even more dehydrated than before.

Tip 2: Make some eggs

Amino acids (aka proteins) help to break down the toxic acetaldehyde in alcohol, and eggs are packed with ‘em.

Tip 3: Skip the joe, grab a cup of tea

A ginger tea, that is. Alcohol irritates and inflames the gastrointestinal tract, leaving you feeling sour and queasy. Ginger is soothing, nausea-fighting and naturally anti-inflammatory. Your stomach will thank you.

Tip 4: Replenish your electrolytes

Key minerals like sodium, chloride, potassium and magnesium are lost with the fluid alcohol pulls from the body. While sports drinks can help, save yourself from the fake dyes and artificial flavors and fix your own homemade electrolyte smoothie with banana, kale and almond milk.

Tip 5: Exercise hangover prevention

Start a party night ritual that includes a hearty meal, plenty of water, and a plan. Let’s say you know you want to have a cocktail and a glass of wine with dinner. Visualize yourself ordering an herbal tea – down to the specific flavor – and taking a warm, relaxing sip. Later on, it’ll be much easier to make the smart (albeit tipsy) choice when the waiter offers after-dinner cocktails, because you’ll already be salivating for that tea

Bonus Step! Take a selfie

Snap a shot of yourself when you’re feeling less than stellar and refer to this handy visual before your next night out. We promise you’ll rethink that extra drink.


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