4 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

4 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning season is in full swing and these four extremely easy tips will give you the boost you need to get started!

1. Tackle that wallet and/or handbag

4 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Take everything out of your wallet and everyday bag. Get rid of the trash, receipts, unused loyalty cards, etc. Organize what’s left in your bag so the items you use more often are the most easily accessible. Make a calendar reminder to do this weekly so the junk never builds up!

2. A clean fridge is a happy fridge

4 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Take everything out of your fridge and wipe it down with a wet sponge. Throw out anything that is expired or moldy. Donate un-expired products that you won’t eat to a local food bank. Make a list of what needs replacing as you go. Organize your shelves so that the products you use most often are easy to access. Repeat for the pantry.

3. No more ratty socks!

4 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Take out all of your socks and throw away any pairs that are ratty, have holes, or are uncomfortable. Give yourself permission to get rid of single socks! Attach socks with their pairs and put back in the drawers. Now commit to buying fresh socks in the next month or whenever your budget allows. What’s the point of keeping gross old socks on hand when it takes only a few minutes and dollars to upgrade them?

4. Focus on your bathroom

4 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Think about all the products and make up that you have had sitting around for weeks, months, even years! Dedicate 15 minutes to cleaning out bathroom drawers and closets, wiping down surfaces, and throwing out all products that you haven’t used in over 6 months. Make a list to replace what needs replacing!

Spring Clean your Snack Game

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