Ingredient Feature: Chia

Ingredient Feature: Chia
Ch-ch-ch- check out what all the buzz is about. Our founder, Joy Bauer, calls them “nutrition sprinkles” and you’re more than likely crunching on them in your fancy granola. Chia seeds are the epitome of a superfood. But why? (Aside from the fact they sprout furry-haired plant friends.)
The health benefits of chia

This itty bitty seed is one of the most concentrated plant-based sources of omega-3 fatty acids. You know, the kind that reduce inflammation and protect brain cell membranes. (No big deal.) These are known as “essential” fatty acids, because your body cannot produce them on its own – so eat up!

If you’ve dabbled with chia, you might’ve noticed that they help you feel fuller, longer, thanks to a decent amount of protein and loads of soluble fiber. That same fiber also makes them swell and soften in liquid, doubling as a super-fun / kinda-creepy beverage accessory.

Their high antioxidant content helps protect all those precious omega-3 fats. And unlike its nutrition rival, the flax seed, chia doesn’t need to be ground to reap its many health benefits.

It is said that Aztec warriors used to press on for days with no more than a couple spoonfuls of chia seeds and water. Nutritionally speaking, size doesn’t matter.

How to eat chia seeds:

  • Blend a spoonful into fruit smoothies
  • Sprinkle over yogurt, oatmeal, or mix into salad dressings
  • Mix into soups or gravies as a thickening agent
  • Add to your “breading” for “superfoodified” fish or chicken cutlets
  • Stir into flour mixes like pancakes or baked goods

Try our delicious, chia-charged granola snack– not to mention under 200 calories– Coco’nilla Crunch (crunchy chia-coconut granola bites).


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