Snack Spotlight: Monkey Love

Snack Spotlight: Monkey Love

Ooh ooh, ahh ahh! (That’s our amateur monkey impression) These yummy, bite-sized balls of chewy chocolate-banana granola have won the hearts of the young and the old, jokesters and sophisticates, hipsters and cowboys. So if you haven’t tried them yet, we’re pretty sure Monkey Love is just your style.

We start with oats and crisp brown rice – two badass fiber-rich whole grains, which help to lower LDL (aka “bad”) cholesterol and prevent digestive illnesses like colon cancer. Then, we add just a hint of coconut and lots of naturally sweet, dried banana pieces, which deliver a hit of potassium – a key nutrient for controlling blood pressure.

Finally, we toss in cacao-rich chocolate. Aside from making you feel like you’re eating dessert, cacao contains flavanols. Flava-what? Powerful antioxidants that help calm inflammation, lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, prevent blood clots, and make your blood vessels more flexible, prevent blood clots, make your blood vessels more flexible, and lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, 

And speaking of winning hearts… In addition to the banana boost of potassium, and all that flavanol finesse, you’ll be delighted to know this snack contains absolutely no sodium. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Judging on taste and nutrition (and just overall awesomeness), we give Monkey Love two opposable thumbs up.

Snack Spotlight: Monkey Love

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