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Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer and according to the internet (so it must be true), it’s the 2nd most popular weekend for barbecuing (after the 4th of July). There’s a good chance that you’ll be hosting or attending one yourself, so make it an evening to remember by creating a surprising recipe with a twist and setting the perfect playlist.

We’ve created a list of the best recipes, health tips, and grilling hacks that will make you the grill master in no time.

1. From cleaning your grill with aluminum foil to checking propane levels with just water, these 8 grilling hacks for your bbq will blow your mind. (

2. Feed the vegetarians and veggie lovers something more exciting than grilled corn. This recipe for grilled avocado with cherry tomatoes and herbs will make hamburger lovers think twice. (

3. Are women better grillers than men? Sociological and anthropological studies point to yes  based on their ability to multi-task… but you can decide for yourself. (

4. While guacamole is healthy and delish, it’s also dense in calories. Instead, make this creamy-dreamy salsa-mole for the same dipping satisfaction and half the cals. (

5. There’s no need to feel bloated and heavy after a day at the grill. Read these healthy tips and tricks for a summer barbecue. Our personal favorite is #4. (

6. Pie on a grill? A novel idea, and a fresh summery recipe for grilled blueberry lemon pie that delivers fresh zesty flavor. (

7. We know a lot of people who claim to grill the “best burger”. Use the science of grilling burgers and you will never go wrong again! (

8. Perfect for kiddos and adults alike,  watermelon and grape “kebabs” put a fun twist on fruit salad. (

9. Set the mood with a perfect playlist. This list of 20 summer jams for your next bbq is spot on! (



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