Why We Love Our Dads

Father's Day

Our dads are role models, shoulders to cry on, coaches, and cheerleaders.  This Father’s Day, the Nourish Snacks staff wanted to send some love to the dads in our lives.

Joy, Founder and CNO (Chief Nutrition Officer)

My dad, Artie Schloss, is a cross between Superman and Coach Eric Taylor. He can soar to all heights while remaining grounded and levelheaded. He has an unstoppable zest for life; he’s conquered countless marathons, he’s a business tycoon, an accomplished pianist, a loving father to 4 kids and 4 kid-in-laws, and a doting grandpa to 12 gandkiddos. He conveys his support with sincerity, humor and charisma. Most importantly, my dad is my personal pillar of strength and wisdom. He has taught me to buy high and sell low (wait a minute, just realized I’ve been mixing that up…) and to make things happen.

Ian, COO

My Dad:  Loving.  Thoughtful.  Encouraging.  Generous.  Optimist.  Caring.  Self-sacrificing.  Smart. Ultimate grandpa!

Jen, VP of  Marketing

My life has been filled with amazing father figures from my own dad to my uncles and now my brothers and my husband. I remember when my brothers both started having children of their own a few years ago, I was so impressed with how fatherhood softened them, yet also made them stronger and more protective. It’s been amazing to see that same transformation firsthand with my husband. He has stepped into his dad duties with such ease and is often the one teaching me to slow down and enjoy life’s little moments. Our daughter is the definition of a “daddy’s girl” so in awe of her dad, almost as much as I am.

Pam, VP of HR

My dad is amazing. He is 81, currently battling cancer and kicking it’s butt! He has not let this challenge define him; he has always lived his life to the fullest, with an incredibly positive outlook. His pride and joy are his family and extended family.  His favorite times are spent with his 3 grandkids,  whether it’s beach trips, cooking together, little league games, band gigs or school plays – at these moments he is his happiest self! It is truly inspiring to watch him enjoy life and be happy.

Katherine, Account Manager

My dad is the oldest of 8 children so it’s no surprise he is a natural leader. His humility, honesty and optimism never waver. Growing up, my dad never missed a soccer game or a concert that I was in despite his busy schedule. Now that I’m older I can truly appreciate how special that was to always have him by my side cheering me on. My dad and I share a love for fishing, traveling, listening to classic rock music, and eating popcorn. I hope he gets to do at least a couple of those things on Father’s Day!

Julia, Marketing Director

Growing up, I always bragged about how my dad knew everything. If one of my friends had a question about some worldly topic, I always called my dad for the answer. As an adult, nothing has changed. In addition to being a genius (I might be biased…), he’s also been incredibly supportive of all my endeavors (even when I made some interesting choices). On top of all that, he’s the most stylish guy I’ve ever met!

Jesse, Marketing Manager

Some people are naturally great parents. My brother is one of those people. Calm and confident, he takes everything in stride. Despite his daughter’s sleeping troubles as a baby, he’s made it all look easy  from day 1 (trust me, I know it’s not). Although he’s only a couple years older than I am, he’s a real role model of what a great dad should be. Keep it up, bud!

Olivia, Marketing Coordinator

Until a couple of years ago, I couldn’t even run a mile. My dad had always wanted run a race together, but I never had any interest. When my grandfather, who was also my dad’s biggest fan, passed away, I decided to help cheer him up by signing up for a race with him the following November. Training for and actually finishing this race was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I would have given up quickly if my dad hadn’t pushed me to keep going. His positive words, loving thoughts, and constant annoyance (just kidding, dad!) were and still are the reasons why I am who I am today. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer, running partner, and dad! So thankful for him. Happy Father’s Day Dad!  


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