15 Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram Accounts to Follow

What does waiting in line, waking up before your alarm, and being in serious procrastination mode have in common? A satisfying scroll through the app that we all love to hate: Instagram.

From beautiful, vibrant recipes to healthy inspiration to straight-up food porn, these 15 Instagram accounts will brighten your feed… and your day!

1 @food– Beautifully styled, colorful ingredients. This feed will make you want to play with your food.

2. @iamafoodblog – Meticulously styled photos of delicious-looking food.

3. @leefromamerica– Chock full of yoga poses and smoothie bowls.

4. @buzzfeedfood– We challenge you to scroll this feed without your mouth watering.

5. @hannahbronfman– Food lover, workout enthusiast, beauty aficionado. Hannah does it all and inspires us to do the same.

6. @toneitup– Daily fitness tips and inspiration that will

7. @nutritionstripped– A dietician who believes that living whole and eating well should taste delicious; make you feel radiant, sexy, and energized as much as it nourishes your cells.

8. @thebalancedblonde– Good vibes only! This author and blogger shares photos from her laid back, healthy lifestyle.

9. @bewellwitharielle – This Manhattanite is a healthy cooking show host that inspires self-love through recipes and health tips.

10. @cleanfooddirtycity– A New York City health coach that makes super easy recipes with incredibly fresh ingredients.

11. @thefeedfeed– Straight up food porn!

12. @thekitchn – Inspiring cooks and nourishing homes.

13. @inspiralized– She makes noodles out of veggies and uses them in mouthwatering dishes.

14. @sproutedkitchen– Food, friends, family, travel… but mostly food.

15. @nourishsnacks– Inspiring you to eat happy!

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