Snack Spotlight: Coco’nilla Crunch

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What’s the secret behind Joy Bauer’s favorite snack? We combine perfectly toasted coconut with premium oats and silky vanilla, for an irresistible crunch that’s like love at first bite. Unlike traditional granola, our recipe is formed (by oompa loompas, of course) into bite-sized balls. It’s a mess-free way to enjoy a sweet treat that – at only 150 calories – tastes like a dessert.

3 reasons to snack on Coco’nilla Crunch:

  • Oats are overflowing with fiber (a heroic hunger-curber) and tocotrienols, powerful antioxidants that help lower LDL cholesterol by interfering with cholesterol synthesis.
  • Chia seeds contain a brag-worthy amount of omega-3 fats, protein, soluble fiber, and antioxidants. This chic superfood helps to reduce inflammation, control blood clotting, and fortify brain cells.
  • Coconut is busting with healthy fats, including lauric acid, which helps increase “good” HDL cholesterol levels.

Looking for other sneaky ways to feed your (healthy) addiction?

Fill a baked apple or peach with Coco’nilla Crunch for a tropical treat, make your own crunchy yogurt parfait, mix with a batch of light popcorn (Coco’nilla Pop), or crush a few and sprinkle on French toast.

With no sodium, cholesterol, or artificiality…. get your Coco’nilla Crunch on and eat happy.


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