7 Superfoods for More Energy


Power through a grueling workday—and meet demanding deadlines with ease—by eating these 7 heroic superfoods. Ready…set…snack.

1. Greek Yogurt

Protein-packed, potassium-rich, and probiotic-charged (say that five times fast!), Greek yogurt will fill your tank with high-octane fuel. Top it off with a brain-boosting bag of Berry’d Treasure for added crunch and sweet, guilt-free spoonfuls.

2. Chickpeas

These legumes contain BEAN-e-ficial fiber and protein to help you recharge and refresh. Big Bonus: Crunchy foods are effective stress-relievers! Try munching on Raise the Bar-BQ for a satisfying, stress-fighting treat.

3. Almonds

 This NUT-worthy overachiever contains a trifecta of protein, fiber and healthy fats to help steady your blood sugar and provide long-lasting staying power. Go nuts for our mouthwatering snack Cinn-sational to triumphantly transcend an unwanted slump.

4. Chia Seeds

Chow down on chia to stimulate your smarts. This superfood supplies, protein, soluble fiber, and omega-3 fats. Get your Coco’nilla Crunch on for the delicious chia power your brain desires.

5. Coffee

Skip the pricey energy drinks and stick with coffee. A cup o’ Joe contains more caffeine than a Red Bull (who knew?!) and it provides healthy antioxidants for far fewer calories. Unless you’re caffeine-sensitive, sipping coffee is a great way to put some pep in your step. Turned off by the taste? Drink two cups of tea to match coffee’s caffeine quota.

6. Dark Chocolate

Joy Bauer describes dark chocolate as “happiness on steroids.” This regal ingredient has antioxidants and feel-good powers, allowing it to be both indulgent and guilt-free. Happily luxuriate in Monkey Love (chocolate-banana granola bites), or get your salty-sweet fix with Miss Popular, dark chocolate morsels and salty, half-popped corn kernels.

7. Apples

 This flavorful fruit deserves a round of APPLE-ause. Crunch away to regulate your blood sugar, increase your fiber intake, lower LDL cholesterol levels, and satisfy your sweet tooth. Snack on Cinn-sational, a blend of chewy Fuji apple and cinnamon-roasted almonds, and make 3pm the crescendo of your day.


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