Fueled by Nourish: Gray Malin

Fueled by Nourish: Gray Malin

People all over the country are fueled by Nourish Snacks. We’re constantly inspired by the passion, creativity, and drive that we see in our customers. Our “Fueled by Nourish” series highlights some of these inspirational members of the Nourish family.

We caught up with our favorite photographer, Gray Malin, to get a peak into his colorfully creative world.

We are such big fans of your photography. Tell us more about what you do!

I’m a fine art photographer from Dallas, now living in Los Angeles, after attending college in Boston. Los Angeles is all about the ‘getaway’ with more great weekend escapes than you can even count. Ultimately, my brand is all about how to “make everyday a getaway.” You can find all of my work on my site, graymalin.com.

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You’ve had an amazing journey to success. Tell us some of your biggest milestones.

This entire year has been huge! From partnering with Le Meridien Hotels on an incredible art installation project to my Gray Malin X Sperry shoe collection to revisiting one of my favorite countries (Italy!) to take new photos for my La Dolce Vita and A la Plage collections. Those images have yet to be released, so stay tuned…

What does a typical day look like for you?

Typical days are atypical for me. I travel quite a bit for work so anytime I’m in the office, I’m really happy to be there because I feel like I can really get things done!

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What is the most nourishing part of your job?

Knowing that I am truly doing what I want and love in my career.

How do you stay energized during a busy day?

It’s hard to get up early sometimes but exercising in the morning always pays off to begin a busy day.

What is inspiring you right now?

I find inspiration constantly – anywhere and everywhere. It’s really hard to determine one thing in particular but I think it’s safe  to say that “the beach” is a constant inspiration for me.

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How do you get it all done?

Whenever I really need to get something accomplished, I turn off the internet and phone and just focus.

How do you nourish the ones you love?

My “language of love” is gift giving. I love picking up little presents during my travels for those whom I miss the most while I’m away.

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What do you snack on in the morning? Afternoon? Night?

Well that depends on if I’m on vacation or at work…haha! Overall, I try to eat healthy snacks, though. When I need some fuel in between meals, I typically reach for almonds or something with peanut butter.

What is your favorite Nourish Snacks flavor?

For something to satisfy the sweet tooth, I love Miss Popular for that sweet & savory combination.


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