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VV Employees

{Employees stashing their favorite snacks for later}

Vineyard Vines, the preppy New England clothing company, is growing at a rapid pace. When they needed a bigger space to accommodate their ever-growing staff, the founders decided to create an environment that embodied their brand that boasts the motto, “Every day should feel this good.”

Bloomberg recently featured their new Connecticut-based office, naming it the “Preppiest office in America.” From shingled conference rooms to striped furniture, the decor feels more like a beautiful beach home than a place of business.

We spent an afternoon with the Vineyard Vines team and got a behind-the-scenes look at one of the many corporate offices that offers Nourish Snacks as an employee perk!

We caught up with Jeremy, Executive Coordinator, and friend of Nourish Snacks:

VV Nourish SNacks

How many employees work at Vineyard Vines?

We currently have 250 employees at our HQ and that number is rapidly growing. Thankfully with our new office we have ample space to move into, but we’re quickly filling it up!

The company’s motto is “Everyday should feel this good.” How do you embody that in the office?

Every detail in the office is inspired by some of our favorite travel destinations. Each floor is dedicated to a different location: The Bahamas, Florida Keys, and Martha’s Vineyard. Even our printers are named after towns in Martha’s Vineyard!

 Your office is beautiful! Since your recent redesign, have you seen a change in productivity?

We have. It’s counter-intuitive because there are so many visual distractions. We’ve found, however, that when people love the space they’re working in, they’re more inspired creatively. Even with a mandatory lunch away from the desk, we find our employees are more productive than ever.

VV Desk

Can you tell us why the company decided to provide snacks for employees?

We find that benefits like snacks help employees to stay engaged during the work day. We love that Nourish Snacks is a innovative company like ours. They are healthier alternative to chips and candy and people love them. There is a flavor combo for everyone, plus the portions are great for a mid-day pick me up!

What is the most popular Nourish Snacks flavor in the office?

Monkey Love (chocolate-banana granola bites) have been a huge hit but lately, I’ve heard people craving savory flavors like Raise The Bar-BQ (BBQ-spiced chickpeas, Virginia peanuts).

VV Kitchen

{The Vineyard Vines cafeteria is big and bright}

VV Nourish Snacks

{We sampled some of our best-sellers to the staff and had them vote on their favorite flavors}

VV Sampling

{They’re favorites were Mind Your P’s and BBQ’s,  Monkey Love, and Mocha-mazing}

VV Wall Art

VV Front Desk

{The front desk is shaped like the back of a boat}

VV Harbor

{The office looks out over a harbor}

VV Conference Room

{This communal meeting space is inspired by the Florida Keys}

VV Cafeteria

{A lounge area in the cafeteria}

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