Back-to-Work Shopping


Nostalgic for the days of new backpacks and Staples runs with your siblings? Don’t let adulthood fool you. Back-to-work shopping can be equally as exciting! Prepare for back-to-school season at work and hit the ground running after three months of summer and a long Labor Day weekend.

Extra Chargers- How is it that laptops inevitably die right before important presentations? Avoid the stress and purchase a spare to take with you on-the-go.

Desk Organizers- Place your everyday essentials in plain sight and compartmentalize the rest. Strive for cleanliness alongsise inspirational and decorative objects.

Healthy Snack Stash- Keep the right foods on hand for that familiar 3pm slump. Try Nourish Snacks for delicious, energizing munchies to fuel your productivity. (Warning: You may have to hide them from jealous coworkers!)

Water Bottle- Choose a colorful bottle that will encourage you to sip throughout the day. Hydration boosts brain function so keep

Spare Clothing- Prepare for any post-work destination with an extra set of clothes. (Or a coffee spill!) We recommend one set for last minute workout plans and one set for impromptu happy hours.

Business Cards- Always have a stash of cards on hand. You’ll want to be prepared for any spontaneous networking opportunities. Keep them in a chic business card holder in your purse or brief case so they’re always close by.

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