Fueled by Nourish: Liz Eswein


People all over the country are fueled by Nourish Snacks. We’re constantly inspired by the passion, creativity, and drive that we see in our customers. Our “Fueled by Nourish” series highlights some of these inspirational members of the Nourish family.

We caught up with Liz Eswein, recently named the “most influential person on Instagram” and Executive Director of digital media agency, Laundry Service. She is one member of the three-part First Family of Instagram according to The New York Times. (Her mom runs the @food Instagram account and her brother does the same for @realestate.)

This amazing woman is changing the face of digital media, and we got the scoop on how she stays fueled day-to-day.

Tell us about what you do

I’m currently the Executive Director at Laundry Service and head up our Influencer division, Cycle, where we work with some of the top brands and influencers in the world. I also run the Instagram account, @newyorkcity which currently boasts 1.2 million followers!

You’ve had an amazing journey to success in digital media. Tell us some of your biggest milestones.

Thanks! Laundry Service was recently acquired, which is always a dream. That was definitely a *pinch me* moment and I’m still sort of on cloud nine about it. I don’t think that will ever go away!

What does a typical day look like for you?
No two days are alike – unfortunately, and fortunately. There are always photographers that we represent visiting our office, events to attend, meetings, calls, emails – you name it! I’ve also been lucky enough to travel a lot this year (from the Himalayas to Cannes to London and seemingly everywhere in between), which is always new, fun and exciting – but can be exhausting.

What is the most nourishing part of your job?
Seeing our photographers happy or when they work with one of their dream clients. It’s amazing to see their excitement and continues to push me to build bigger and better campaigns.

How do you stay energized during a busy day?
I try to sleep as much as I possibly can and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

What is inspiring you right now?
The photographers that we represent at Laundry Service. They each have their very own, individual way of seeing things and I find that to be extremely inspiring.

How do you get it all done? 
With lots of help and support! I couldn’t possibly get everything done without my amazing team.

How do you nourish the ones you love?
My parents always supported me, in whatever I wanted to do, no matter how stupid or crazy the idea! I think that’s the best way to nourish someone you love… with support.
What is your favorite Nourish Snacks flavor? Why?
The popcorn with the dark chocolate (Miss Popular)!

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