Get Back on Track for Fall


The days of happy hours and BBQs that turn into late nights on the beach are officially over, and for most of us, the summer led our eating and exercise regimens a bit off track. As you strive to get back into the swing of things  implement these straightforward health tips from our founder, Joy Bauer. They’ll help you jumpstart and sustain wholesome habits this fall.  

Tip 1: Amp up your fruits and veggies

One of the easiest things you can do is to incorporate a produce item into every meal. Fruits and vegetables are high in volume but low in calories, so they provide a worthy nutritional bang for your buck. They also fill you up with antioxidants, which promote good health from the inside out.  Try topping your morning oatmeal with some berries or diced apples, adding chopped tomatoes to scrambled eggs, or putting roasted peppers and avocado on your lunchtime sandwich. For dinner, try to always serve a tasty vegetable (or two) on the side.

Tip 2: Cook at home as often as possible

There are so many hidden fat traps when you dine out or order in. Prepare meals yourself and you’ll have full control over what goes into your food…and what stays out. Plus, it offers you a chance to clear your head and bond with whoever’s at home.

Bonus tip: Double or triple your recipes and freeze the leftovers in portion-controlled containers so you’ll have easy access to meals when you’re short on time.

Tip 3: Sweat it out on a daily basis

Exercise for a half hour every day, it’s non-negotiable. Sure, it will burn calories and tone your muscles, but it’ll also provide a positive mindset to make healthy food choices as you go about your day. And working out doesn’t have to require an expensive gym membership: Turn meetings into walk-and-talks (yes that’s a real thing), march in place during TV commercials, and tackle emails as you walk on the treadmill. Yes, you do have time: you can tackle 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at lunch, and 10 minutes after dinner. Even walking your dog counts!

Tip 4: Snack Smart

Your in-between bites need to be thoughtful — especially when you consider that about 25% of most people’s daily calories come from snacking. Eat the wrong snacks and you’ll end up hungry and cranky an hour later. Eat the right snacks and you’ll feel energized and focused throughout the afternoon. Want the winning formula for thoughtful munchies? Keep snacks under 200 calories and choose delicious, satisfying items that offer nutrition payback in the form of protein, fiber, and/or healthy fat.  Nourish Snacks fit the bill on all counts—choose your faves and dig in!

Tip 5: Forgive yourself

It’s OK to have an off-day, as long as that off-day doesn’t turn into an off-week or off-month. We’re human and can’t expect to be perfect 24/7. So when you fall off the wagon you gotta cut yourself some slack, shake it off and forge forward. Take it one day at a time and make each meal a new beginning. Success will follow.


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