Recipe for an Active Autumn

Short series depicting a young beautiful blond woman picking apples from a tree

Say adieu to end-of-summertime blues and bonjour to the joy of Honeycrisp apples and multicolored leaves. Exercise these simple solutions to discover your rhythm and enjoy the outdoors this autumn. What’s the secret? Stay active.

1. Run a 5k- Have you always wanted to sign up for a Turkey Trot? Opt in now. Training for the race will keep you motivated all season long (and oh-so-ready for pecan pie come Thanksgiving).

2. Go Apple Picking- Enjoy fall’s freshest apples while soaking up the outdoors (and a solid dose of heart-healthy fiber!). While you’re there, don’t miss out on those hayrides and corn mazes.

3. Bike to the Farmer’s Market- Get hooked on fresh fall produce while mulling over experimental recipes. For extra wellness points, bike there and back to increase your heart rate. Don’t forget a backpack to take home all of your fresh fruit and veggies!

4. Invest in New Gear- Splurge on an exercise-related product you’ve been longing for. Think: Fitbit, cycling sneakers, or a gym bag. Spend the money on something that will drive you toward your goals.

5. Go on a Nature Hike- Dedicate an afternoon to exploring nature’s charms. Take in the beauty with your friends, family or pets. Don’t forget to customize your hiking trail mix by mixing and matching Nourish Snacks!

6. Experiment with Gym Classes- Check out your gym’s fall schedule. Many adjust their classes, instructors, and timing on a seasonal basis. Find one that works for you.


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