Immune-Boosting Yoga Poses

Kristin McGee

As the weather starts to change and we come in to colder months, practicing yoga is an incredible way to keep our immune system strong and fight off the colds and flus that are so common this time of year. We caught up with celebrity yoga instructor, Kristin McGee, to learn a few immune-boosting poses that you can do at home!

Kristin is a celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor in New York City. She’s also a new mom to her son Timothy, a contributing editor at Health, a brand ambassador for C9 by Target, and has appeared frequently on television: Today Show, Good Morning America, Early Show, CNN, Fox News, among other programs. Whether working privately, watching her DVD in the comfort of your home, or working out in one of her classes, she will help you get in shape and have fun while doing it. Kristin aims to make her programs fun and accessible to all… beginner yogis included. We’ll let her take it from here!

Usually we come down with something when we are stressed or pushing ourselves too hard. Yoga is a practice of balance and yoga poses provide a gentle, natural way of supporting the immune system. Yoga helps lower stress hormones, stimulates the lymphatic system, opens up the lungs and oxygenates the blood. Yoga is extremely nourishing (just like Nourish Snacks) and keeps us on an even keel throughout the day so we can stay strong, healthy, fit and balanced. Practice these poses in particular to keep the immune system humming along and say bye bye to those nasty colds!

Start with Child’s Pose to clear the mind and settle in to the breath. Then go through each one of the postures below.

Child’s Pose


Child’s Pose releases stress (which can weaken our immune system) and quiets the mind. Helps the body unwind after a long day and opens up the back, shoulders and neck.

Downward-Facing Dog

Down Dog

Downward-Facing Dog gets the blood pumping throughout our entire body and releases tension in our head, neck, shoulders, lower back and hamstrings. Breathe here for 5 to 8 full breaths.

Wide Straddle Forward Bend

Wide Straddle Forward Bend

Wide Straddle Forward Bend oxygenates the body and allows the weight of the world to fall off our backs and shoulders. Stay here for 8-10 breaths.



The shoulderstand is great for letting the blood flow in reverse and stimulating stagnant lymph (many of us deal with stagnation during the winter months) makes us more vulnerable to catch a bug. Stay here for up to 3-5 minutes.

We hope you’re feeling as relaxed and healthy as we are after trying these poses. For more great yoga poses, check out Kristin’s pose gallery.

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