What we’re thankful for

Overhead shot of people enjoying a feast of roast turkey and beef.

On this special day, the Nourish staff wants to share what we’re most grateful for. From family and friends to pumpkin pie, our sappy staff might just make you cry. Happy Thanksgiving!

Joy Bauer, MS, RDN, Founder

I’m beyond grateful for my three beautiful children who surprise me every single day, my amazing husband who is my biggest supporter and best friend, my favorite furry Bauer, Gatsby, who follows me around like I’m Beyoncé, and my Nourish family, for helping to make my delicious dream a reality!

Gavin, Founder

Thankful for Batman and Robin when they save my day 🙂 #nourishmoment


Jennifer, VP of Marketing

I’m thankful for my husband who is not only a great partner to me, but is an amazing father to our little girl, Emma. He is a constant source of support and my biggest ally in my quest to balance family and work. My life is full of laughter of love because of him.

Jessica, MS, RD, Head of Nutrition

I’m thankful for my two healthy boys, a husband that “gets” and supports me, and parents that continue to serve as a beacon as i navigate through life. I’m grateful to be doing work that I love with people who share a similar passion for what they do. But above all, I’m thankful… for chocolate.

Ashley, Snack Dealer 

This year I become a mom for the first time, and what a year it’s been!  I’m grateful for the endless snuggles, her two-front-teeth smiles and her personality full of sass (like her momma).

Julia, Marketing Director

This year has been full of ups and down, and I’m so grateful for my husband who is always by my side on the roller coaster of life. And pumpkin pie, of course!

Mark, Ops Manager

The simplest answer, and perhaps the most common one, says so much about what we really need.  I’m thankful for friends, for family, for a warm place to sleep and that I have enough to eat. I’m also thankful for the Sun, for breath, thankful to have a mind and a life in which I have the opportunity to continue to change and grow.

Libby, Account Manager

Where to begin?  For my family’s, my friends’, and my own health, giving us the capacities to enjoy each other’s company and to experience the wonders of the world around us.  For the countless laughs between friends and co-workers that bring joy to my everyday life.  For the gift of life itself, of stability, and of moral grounding which my parents have provided and continue to provide me with.

Every year the holiday season prompts reflection, both on self and surroundings.  Life’s hustle and bustle all too often takes over, making it easy to overlook even the most fundamental blessings.  While, admittedly, life is never quite perfect and you could always have more than you do, it’s important to remember that you could also have less…there is always something to be thankful for.

Jesse, Marketing Manager

This year I’m thankful for my incredible roommates (aka mom & dad), who’ve let me move back in for a few months to save while I try to save for my own home. The family-style meals were a nice bonus as well.

Missy, Snack Dealer

Above all, I am so thankful every day for the health of my family & friends. Nothing else comes close!

Jen, Marketing Associate Manager

I’m thankful for a great first month working at Nourish Snacks, and for the whole Nourish team for making it so enjoyable (Gatsby, our office dog, included)!

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