Tips from Nourish Moms


We have some pretty incredible moms on staff here at Nourish Snacks. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we looked to them to give us their best advice for the most challenging and rewarding job they’ll ever have!

Joy Bauer, Founder and CNO (Chief Nutrition Officer)

After having kids, I quickly realized that chaos became my new normal. I wisely learned to embrace it! My advice to Nourishing moms: Stop striving for perfection and simply do your best—without making yourself crazy. That’s more than enough to make your family feel loved and taken care of.

Jessica, RD, Head of Nutrition

A mom’s job is never done, so life can often feel like a never ending checklist. Remind yourself to be present. And schedule time for yourself (no, going to run errands alone does not count!) and time with your spouse. I schedule 3 weekly trips to the gym even if it’s just to saunter on the treadmill and watch an episode of Friends — it’s rejuvenating! Date nights twice a month – no compromises!

Mara, Snack Dealer

My biggest Mom tip is to put your phone down! Whatever your little one is saying or doing is more important than any text or email. And I never want to miss a moment!

Jennifer, VP of Marketing

Most working moms spend so much time searching for balance and beating themselves up because they can’t achieve it. I’ve learned that balance isn’t about perfect equilibrium at all times, but rather is about feeling work and family life balance out over time. Sometimes my family needs more of me and at other times my work requires I put in overtime. Learning to be OK with it and getting rid of that constant feeling of guilt will get you through those times when you feel off balance. And always keep the wine stocked!

Pam, VP of HR

In my family, we have a nutty tradition of creating lots of fun signs that get plastered all over the house on the morning of someone’s birthday. These are not ordinary signs — we create 5-10 custom signs for each birthday, with the family member’s heads superimposed on the kid’s favorite sports heroes, movies, TV shows or musicians!  The kids know it’s coming, and they get excited to see what the theme will be for their big day!! It’s a fun way to celebrate birthdays and get the family together!

Missy, Snack Dealer

My mom tip is to be sensitive to the people around you who aren’t moms (or dads!) and hope to be. When you’re a slave to diapers, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the conversations about nursery schools, Mickey Mouse, or the best brand of baby shampoo. You might be innocently sharing your baby’s first smile on Instagram, and unknowingly be reminding a friend of their multiple failed attempts of IVF, or a recent miscarriage.  According to the CDC, infertility effects 6% of women in the US. So reign it in on your baby talk, don’t ask people why they haven’t decided to have a baby yet – not everyone gets pregnant after looking at each other.  To all the people out there who want to be moms and dads, happy Sunday – your diaper duty will come!

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