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Eva Amurri

People all over the country are fueled by Nourish Snacks. We’re constantly inspired by the passion, creativity, and drive that we see in our customers. Our “Fueled by Nourish” series highlights some of these inspirational members of the Nourish family.

We caught up with Eva Amurri Martino, actress, mom, and blogger behind Happily Eva After, about a massive career change and life as a busy mom.


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am the mom, wife, actress, and video creator behind Happily Eva After. Growing up in the entertainment industry, I was always traveling, exploring new cities, and meeting fascinating people, which has resulted in a love of fashion, beauty, cooking, entertaining, and interior design. I currently live in New York with my husband Kyle, my daughter Marlowe, and a baby boy due in October 2016! With a brutally honest and humorous approach to finding the joy in every stage of life and parenting, I candidly document my life experiences through the blog, YouTube videos, and social channels.

You’ve had an amazing journey with so many adventures. Tell us some of your biggest milestones.

I recently switched careers, which has been an amazing journey!  I was acting for over 15 years– and while it was a really energetic and exciting lifestyle, I found myself craving a change after having my daughter.  Welcoming Marlowe in 2014 made me rethink a lot of what I wanted to do, and how I wanted to spend my time and energy.  The lifestyle space has always been a passion of mine, and I’m having such a great time building Happily Eva After, and connecting with my amazing readership! I feel so lucky to be able to incorporate Motherhood in to my job and celebrate all of the milestones.

What does a typical day look like for you as a mom and blogger?

My mornings are spent with Marlowe before school.  We snuggle for a while in Mommy and Daddy’s bed, and then make breakfast together.  Once I drop her off at 8:00 am, I hit the ground running!  Lots of emails and calls about the week ahead, and sometimes I have meetings or events to go to.  It’s a ton of work to keep up with (much more than one would expect, myself included) but it feels so empowering to be building my own business and creating a positive example of creativity, joy, and authenticity for my daughter.

What is the most nourishing part of your job?

I take a brutally honest approach to sharing my journey on Happily Eva After, and that surprisingly has been the most nourishing and exciting part of my job.  I find that sharing authentically (the good, the bad, and the ugly) really makes me feel stronger as a person and parent than I would have imagined, and it’s so wonderful to connect with other people going through the same things.  The community of supportive, interesting, and kind men and women that has grown around Happily Eva After is the part of all of this that I’m most proud of.

How do you stay energized during a busy day?

Right now I’m five and a half months pregnant, so my energy levels are pretty low! I try to drink a lot of water and fruit juice during the day, and I make sure to snack throughout the day so my blood sugar doesn’t dip and make me sleepy (or worse: cranky!)

What is inspiring you right now? 

I’m feeling so inspired by the colorful, lush, and vibrant start to summer.  It was my first winter back on the East Coast in a long time, and there’s something about everyone unfurling their wings after our long winter that puts a spring into my step.  I can’t wait to have a blast with my family this Summer– our last as a family of three!

How do you get it all done? 

Organization is key.  I have a paper calendar that I use only for the blog, as well as an iCal that has work AND family entries.  My husband and I sit down at the beginning of the week and talk through our individual schedules– this helps us stay on the same page AND make sure we find time to connect during the week, just the two of us. I plan far in advance and make lists, and then try not to be too hard on myself when something slips through the cracks.  I think any pregnant woman, with a toddler, who runs her own business, will tell you that you never quite feel like you’re getting it “all” done.  But if it’s past 80%, I feel pretty good about it.

How do you nourish your daughter?

I really favor organic and healthy snacks and meals for Marlowe.  I cook most of her food at home.  Interestingly, her favorite foods are veggies! Specifically broccoli and peas, which sounds like an absolute joke when I say it out loud– but it’s true! Instead of a lot of sugar, I tend to give her fresh fruit popsicles (just fruit blended with water) or fruit for dessert and for now she seems to be just fine with that!

Marlowe is at an age now, though, where she is going to school and seeing kids eat different things.  She has started being more aware of junk food and sweets, and I try not to get too crazy about restricting her.  I don’t want her to become obsessed with the foods just because we don’t allow them! Every once in a while she gets a cupcake or a special cookie or ice cream cone and she is super excited .

What do you and Marlowe snack on in the morning? Afternoon? Night?

At this point in  my pregnancy I can pretty much go for a bite of any food, at any time of day.  I’m trying to keep it healthy for the most part (lots of fruit and raw veggies) but in the afternoon I will usually make myself a little packet of organic miso ramen to have as a snack.  There’s something about the warm soup and the yummy noodles that feels so cozy to me!

Marlowe snacks on fruit, veggies, granola bars, crackers (her favorite!), and cheese.  She has breakfast, lunch, then a good snack, and then dinner. I’m pretty strict about not snacking in between these times, so that she understands that meal times are for eating properly and not picking at her food.  I read a great book while I was pregnant called Bringing Up Bebe about French parenting and it taught me some invaluable tricks and tips, including that one.

What is your favorite Nourish Snacks flavor? Why? 

I LOVE Miss Popular! It reminds me of going to the movies and getting candy and popcorn– and eating them together! So yummy.  Marlowe’s favorite is Berry’d Treasure.

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